Scholastic Awards

To ensure 10th & 12th students receive guidance and support as they transition out of homes.


Children who grow up in Child Care Institutions transition out of homes once they turn 18 and are legally adults. This phase (Aftercare) is a crucial transitionary period for these young adults, as they step out of institutional care and integrate into larger society.

Often, due to lack of adequate financial support and limited exposure, they are unable to continue their education and instead, take up small odd jobs for sustenance. This along with the lack of a strong social support system, makes them vulnerable to exploitation, substance abuse, abusive social relationships etc. These factors combined mean that they are, most often, one life-crisis away from being pushed back into poverty.

Project description

We provide financial support to top 50 meritorious students per district for their academic excellence in their 10th & 12th board examinations. This is an unrestricted cash award given in recognition of their hard work and perseverance despite their adverse circumstances. In addition, our students are provided guidance and exposure through a network of mentors who coach them during their crucial transitionary phase, along with support in procuring ID documentation which allows access their rights and opportunities.


  • Awarded: 374 students
  • Total Spend: Rs. 93,50,000"