COVID Relief

Financial aid to support operations of children’s homes affected by the pandemic


When the pandemic hit, many children’s homes were in dire need of necessities like medical and food supplies and monetary support to keep their children safe and healthy. The crisis had wiped clean any in-kind sponsorship and walk-in donors, a primary funding channel for these homes.

Program Description

Based on the on-ground realities, the Childcare COVID Relief Program was launched to support children’s homes to continue the best quality care for children given their circumstances. Aid provided by this program was focused on emergency support and subsequently, rehabilitation.

1. Medical Support

  • Access to pediatricians for virtual consultation as well as prescription medication and RT-PCR tests were provided to children’s homes to help treat the affected.
  • Home care kits containing masks, sanitizers, thermometers, cleaning supplies etc were delivered to children's homes to restrict COVID exposure.
  • Eligible staff and 18+ young adults at the homes received timely vaccinations funded by the program.
  • Booklets on safety protocols to follow within the children's homes were also issued in local languages.
  • Reach: Home care kits were delivered to 169 homes, providing medical support to 4,387 children.

2. Financial Support

  • Emergency monetary support provided to homes that saw more than an 80% dip in their monthly donation especially due to lockdown..
  • Funds were used for essential expenses like groceries, utility bills, rent etc.
  • Reach: 65 children's housing 1,555 children received monetary support. Out of this, 19 children's homes continued to receive monthly support as part of rehabilitation. INR 9,20,000 worth of groceries were delivered to homes.

3. Ed-Tech Access

  • 16 children’s homes were provided with tablets and computers so that 492 children were able to attend virtual classes
  • 129 laptops were distributed to meritorious college-going students to reduce digital divide and provide easy access to online classes/work.

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