Capacity Accelerator Program

Transforming the care quality of Childrens' Homes by improving capabilities of their founders / leadership


Many Childrens’ Homes struggle to find the right resources, knowledge and network required to provide high-quality care to children in need of care and protection.

The Capacity Accelerator Program aims to improve the capabilities of the leadership of such Homes to find the resources required to provide adult-outcome focused child care.

We believe that this approach of building the capacity of Childrens’ Homes is intrinsically scalable; as it strengthens people and institutions already dedicated to the childcare sector.

Program Description

The Program will provide a standardized framework for quality upgradation and hand-hold Homes through this change via grants, expertise and management coaching.

A Childrens Home that participates in the program:

  • Joins a 10 Home cohort for a 3-5 year organizational development program.
  • Signs up for a collective vision to “deliver high quality outcome focused childcare for children in need of care and protection".
  • Implements the organizational transformation plan in tandem with our team.
  • Receives continuous coaching through a dedicated team member.
  • Receives operational funding for the duration of the program.
  • Gets access to a network of bright-spot child care organizations, subject matter experts (SMEs), and other practitioners & peer groups.

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