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Every sixth child in the world lives in India as the country is home to the world's largest child population of 435 million.

However, 40% of India's children are in need of care and protection; with the country topping the charts on various risks relating to abuse, child labour, child marriage, neglect etc.

There is a strong need for focused effort, expertise and resources to be channeled into the childcare sector in the country.

40% of India’s children are in need of care & protection

Child Emotional Abuse

Over 50% of children face emotional abuse/neglect

Child Marriage

47% of Indian girls are married before 18

Child Sexual Abuse

53% children reported having faced one or more forms of sexual abuse


Every child will receive the care, resources and support to achieve positive adult outcomes


Through our programs, we aim to design, implement and maintain effective, scalable child care systems

Enable Shelters

The UNCRC provides every child with shelter and adequate standard of living. While in India we have a system to provide shelter for children-at-risk, we are yet to provide an adequate standard of living for their development purposes.

We focus on bolstering the capacity of shelter homes across the country by providing adequate resources to create a safe, nurturing, learning-rich environment to all children who are in need of care.

Empower Children

Children-at-risk often do not get sufficient exposure, sufficient mental stimulation during their childhood; which restricts their ability to dream, aspire or understand what the real world holds for them. "Because children’s experiences are limited by their surroundings, the environment we provide for them has a crucial impact on the way the child’s brain develops (Strong-Wilson & Ellis, 2007, p. 43)."

We focus on holistic development of children living in shelter homes through exposure, building their confidence to aspire and preparing them well for re-integration back into society when they are ready.

Improve Research and Policy

While there is considerable body of research in overall child development, there is a lack of understanding of the specific problems that affect children-at-risk and their future.

We focus on understanding the overall childcare policy system and practices, deep dive into challenges that children in need of care face and consequently design need-based solutions that tackle their deepest challenges.

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