After-School Tutoring

To ensure our children achieve academic excellence


Many Child Care Institutions struggle to find educators/tutors to support their children during the daily after-school study hours. Due to low staff count and lack of sufficient resources to hire tutors, children rarely get the attention they need to excel academically. This leads them to have a negative experience with schooling early on which result in higher drop out rate as they advance to higher Grades.

Project description

A 6-days a week volunteer intervention during their daily study hours in the Child Care Institution, which achieves equitable learning outcomes (closes gap to grade and increase access to learning at school) in the fastest way possible. We focus on children across Grades 1-5 and ensures that their literacy and numeracy is at par with others their age before they advance to middle school.


  • 127 children
  • 60 teaching volunteers
  • 16 hours / child / week
  • 2 Child Care Institutions (Muslim Orphanage, Dickenson Road | St. Marys, Cooke Town)